Cleaning the House - Martin Malchev
Cleaning the House

Flat design illustration with young couple cleaning their home.

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Diamond Hands Investor - Martin Malchev
Diamond Hands Investor

Conceptual illustration with cartoon character with diamond hands as metaphor for investors who don t panic sell during bear market.

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Gondolier on White - Martin Malchev
Gondolier on White

Cartoon illustration with gondolier paddling gondola along Venetian channel.

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Super Business Team - Martin Malchev
Super Business Team

Conceptual illustration depicting team of super businessmen.

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Giant Robot Blueprint - Martin Malchev
Giant Robot Blueprint

Blueprint for the construction of a giant robot.

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Adam and Eve - Martin Malchev
Adam and Eve

Illustration of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

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Newborn with Mom and Dad - Martin Malchev
Newborn with Mom and Dad

Full length illustration of mom and dad with newborn baby.

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Adventure Kids Black - Martin Malchev
Adventure Kids Black

Cartoon illustration of 2 happy young explorers ready for their next adventure and isolated on white background.

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