Cleaning the House - Martin Malchev
Cleaning the House

Flat design illustration with young couple cleaning their home.

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Cartoon people in national costumes from around the world holding hands as symbol of unity.

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Audience on White - Martin Malchev
Audience on White

Diverse group of people facing forward and isolated on white background.

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Video Conference Call - Martin Malchev
Video Conference Call

Flat design concept illustration for online remote video conference call.

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Two Women Talking Business - Martin Malchev
Two Women Talking Business

Pair of smiling women dressed in business clothes or female office workers talking to each other and smiling.

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International Talks Online - Martin Malchev
International Talks Online

Flat design concept illustration for online international talks about trade, politics or business.

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Father Flat Design Set - Martin Malchev
Father Flat Design Set

Flat design set with father in different situations.

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Colleaguess Discussing Project - Martin Malchev
Colleaguess Discussing Project

Team of office workers discussing work project around desk with laptop on it.

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Chat Support Cartoon Avatars - Martin Malchev
Chat Support Cartoon Avatars

Set of 12 chat support cartoon avatars in speech bubbles.

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Cartoon Zombie Couple - Martin Malchev
Cartoon Zombie Couple

Cartoon illustration with zombie couple in love.

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High Five Design - Martin Malchev
High Five Design

Flat design illustration with 2 characters giving each other high five.

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Resting at Home Flat Design - Martin Malchev
Resting at Home Flat Design

Flat design illustration with man and woman resting next to their fireplace.

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