Mermaid Silhouette Set - Martin Malchev
Mermaid Silhouette Set

Mermaid silhouette in 7 different poses.

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Unicorn Soldier Animation

Looping animation of unicorn soldier character shooting hearts with his love gun. Alpha Channel included.

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Monkey Cartoon Set - Martin Malchev
Monkey Cartoon Set

Cartoon monkey in 8 different poses and isolated on white background.

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Super Heroine Set - Martin Malchev
Super Heroine Set

You can have this super heroine (female superhero in black and red) over white background in 13 different poses.

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Sun Presenting - Martin Malchev
Sun Presenting

Cartoon sun presenting something in 4 different ways.

$1.99$100.00 Select license
Summer Sports Symbols – Colorful

Set of 30 pictograms of the Olympic summer sports.

$1.99$100.00 Select license
Seasons Landscapes - Martin Malchev
Seasons Landscapes

Cartoon landscape during the four seasons.

$1.99$100.00 Select license
Halftone Frames - Martin Malchev
Halftone Frames

Set of 6 halftone frames.

$1.99$100.00 Select license
Greek / Roman Gods - Martin Malchev
Greek / Roman Gods

Set of Greek / Roman gods over white background.

$1.99$100.00 Select license
Gift Box - Martin Malchev
Gift Box

Gift box in 3 color versions.

$1.99$100.00 Select license
Naked Emperor - Martin Malchev
Naked Emperor

Cartoon naked emperor over white background in 6 versions.

$1.99$100.00 Select license
Halloween Characters - Martin Malchev
Halloween Characters

Collection of Halloween characters. On the right are the same characters adapted for white background.

$1.99$100.00 Select license