Superhero Team Assemble - Martin Malchev
Superhero Team Assemble

Conceptual illustration depicting team of superheroes assembling against common enemy.

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Super Cat and Super Dog Silhouettes - Martin Malchev
Super Cat and Super Dog Silhouettes

Full length illustration of a cute cartoon cat sitting next to a dog with super powers while wearing superhero capes against white background for copy space.

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Superhero Flying 6 Line Art - Martin Malchev
Superhero Flying 6 Line Art

Full length illustration of powerful superhero looking down while soaring in the sky.

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Superhero Couple 2 - Martin Malchev
Superhero Couple 2

Male and female superheroes, posing in front of cityscape. No transparency used. Basic (linear) gradients used for the background. A4 proportions.

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Fit Couple - Martin Malchev
Fit Couple

Fit couple silhouettes in 4 versions. No transparency and gradients used.

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Superhero Bringing Box - Martin Malchev
Superhero Bringing Box

Superhero bringing box. Man in costume carrying parcel cartoon character. Fast delivery, courier services and express shipment concept. Guy in cloak delivering order flat vector illustration.

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Superhero Bringing Something - Martin Malchev
Superhero Bringing Something

Superhero bringing something. Man in costume carrying parcel isolated cartoon characters set. Guy in cloak holding gift box flat vector illustrations pack. Fast delivery, courier services.

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Viking Seamless Pattern - Martin Malchev
Viking Seamless Pattern

Colorful seamless pattern with funny cartoon Vikings.

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Man in Depression - Martin Malchev
Man in Depression

Conceptual flat design illustration for depression, depicting man, sitting on the ground with dark cloud above him.

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Vlogging Man Illustration - Martin Malchev
Vlogging Man Illustration

Flat design illustration with male vlogger or influencer, recording new video.

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Adam and Eve - Martin Malchev
Adam and Eve

Illustration of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

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