Tractor with Background 2 - Martin Malchev
Tractor with Background 2

Looping animation of tractor dragging trailer with white copy space sheet in it.

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Tractor with Background

Looping animation of farmer driving tractor.

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Tractor Isolated

Looping animation of tractor dragging trailer. Alpha channel included.

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Tractor Cycle Isolated

Tractor cycle looping animation with alpha channel.

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Tractor Cycle

Looping animation of tractor driving around farm.

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Scarecrow Full Color - Martin Malchev
Scarecrow Full Color

Illustration of creepy scarecrow on dark field.

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Scarecrow Black and White - Martin Malchev
Scarecrow Black and White

Woodcut style illustration of creepy scarecrow on field.

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Angels Set Part 3 - Martin Malchev
Angels Set Part 3

Set of 4 stylized angels, holding basket with Easter eggs, cornucopia, trumpet and a puppy.

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Angels Line Art Set - Martin Malchev
Angels Line Art Set

Set of 14 line art angels, in different poses or holding different objects for various occasions and celebrations.

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Farmer Holding Basket - Martin Malchev
Farmer Holding Basket

Cartoon illustration with farmer holding basket full of vegetables from his garden.

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Man Growing Vegetables - Martin Malchev
Man Growing Vegetables

Illustration of man growing vegetables in his garden.

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Forest Fruit Picking - Martin Malchev
Forest Fruit Picking

Illustration of a woman picking forest fruits in her basket.

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