Hipster Dangerous - Martin Malchev
Hipster Dangerous

Set of 7 illustrations with violent hipster character. No transparency and gradients used.

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Diamond Hands Investor - Martin Malchev
Diamond Hands Investor

Conceptual illustration with cartoon character with diamond hands as metaphor for investors who don t panic sell during bear market.

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Hipster Secret Society - Martin Malchev
Hipster Secret Society

Conceptual illustration for secret society. No transparency and gradients used.

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Hipster Rich - Martin Malchev
Hipster Rich

Set of 6 illustrations with rich hipster character. No transparency and gradients used.

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Jump of Joy - Martin Malchev
Jump of Joy

Flat style character jumping of joy over white background and in 2 versions.

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Puzzled Confused Man - Martin Malchev
Puzzled Confused Man

Flat design illustration of confused man making a choice.

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Man on Computer - Martin Malchev
Man on Computer

Man sitting in front of a computer screen with copy space for your message or product.

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Colleaguess Discussing Project - Martin Malchev
Colleaguess Discussing Project

Team of office workers discussing work project around desk with laptop on it.

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Launching Kite Together - Martin Malchev
Launching Kite Together

Cartoon illustration with young couple launching kite together.

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Bringing her Gift - Martin Malchev
Bringing her Gift

Cartoon illustration with young man bringing gift to his beloved girl.

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Shocked Man on White - Martin Malchev
Shocked Man on White

Illustration of shocked man holding his head.

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Playing Video Games - Martin Malchev
Playing Video Games

Concept flat design illustration with young man playing video games.

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