Halloween Characters - Martin Malchev
Halloween Characters

Collection of Halloween characters. On the right are the same characters adapted for white background.

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Female Character Emotions - Martin Malchev
Female Character Emotions

Female character in 24 different emotions. Easy to change colors. No transparency and gradients used.

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Fear - Martin Malchev

Man haunted by his shadow. The illustration is in 3 versions.

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Conscience - Martin Malchev

Man trying to make decision. Little angel and devil are giving him advice. No transparency used. Basic (linear) gradients.

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Character Emotions - Martin Malchev
Character Emotions

Retro businessman character in 12 different emotions, each in 2 versions.

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Business Warrior - Martin Malchev
Business Warrior

Conceptual illustration for business warrior. It is in 6 different versions. You can place logo over the shield.

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Devil - Martin Malchev

Cartoon Devil. No transparency used. Basic (linear) gradients used.

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Cartoon Dragon - Martin Malchev
Cartoon Dragon

Cartoon three-headed dragon over white background. No transparency and gradients used.

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Bats - Martin Malchev

Bats seizing the night sky. A4 proportions.

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Avatars - Martin Malchev

Set of 20 square avatars.

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