Hephaestus - Martin Malchev

The smith god Hephaestus / Vulcan, forging a sword. No transparency used. Basic (linear) gradients.

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Explorer Archeologist Mascot - Martin Malchev
Explorer Archeologist Mascot

Mascot illustration of young explorer or archeologist holding a flaming torch.

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Executioner Fantasy Mascot - Martin Malchev
Executioner Fantasy Mascot

Mascot of medieval executioner isolated on white and in 2 versions.

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Camel rider passing by the 3 Giza pyramids

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Atlas on White - Martin Malchev
Atlas on White

The Titan Atlas holding the Earth globe.

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Wise Man - Martin Malchev
Wise Man

Vector illustration of Asian wise man in 7 color versions.

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Spartan - Martin Malchev

Illustration of Spartan warrior on black background in 2 color versions.

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Greek / Roman Gods - Martin Malchev
Greek / Roman Gods

Set of Greek / Roman gods over white background.

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Dionysus - Martin Malchev

The god of wine Dionysus / Bacchus proposing toast. No transparency used. Basic (linear) gradients.

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Wizard on White - Martin Malchev
Wizard on White

Wizard with staff and spellbook casts magic, adorned in a starry robe.

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Dragon on White - Martin Malchev
Dragon on White

Flat style illustration of red dragon on white background.

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Sphinx Greek Mythology - Martin Malchev
Sphinx Greek Mythology

The majestic Sphinx with large red wings, lion-like body, and long tail perches on cliff against setting sun backdrop.

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