Fried Eggs Funny - Martin Malchev
Fried Eggs Funny

Cartoon of happy fried eggs. No transparency and gradients used.

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Fried Eggs Cartoon - Martin Malchev
Fried Eggs Cartoon

Cartoon of fried eggs. No transparency and gradients used.

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Football / Soccer World - Martin Malchev
Football / Soccer World

Abstract illustration for football/soccer world championship. The same globus is drawn in 2 versions – with and without gradients.

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Flaming Torch - Martin Malchev
Flaming Torch

Stylized illustration of a flaming torch in 12 different versions.

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Energy - Martin Malchev

Conceptual illustration of 2 light bulbs, powered by nuclear and by clean energy.

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Dragons - Martin Malchev

Set of dragons. Stylized flames are also included in case you want to make them breathe fire.

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Dairy Products Labels - Martin Malchev
Dairy Products Labels

Set of dairy products labels.

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Clouds - Martin Malchev

Collection of cartoon clouds in 3 color versions and silhouettes. Each cloud consists of 2 colors only, so they are very easy to recolor.

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Cartoon Internet Icons - Martin Malchev
Cartoon Internet Icons

Cartoon internet icons.

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Blue Birds - Martin Malchev
Blue Birds

4 blue birds.

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