Kali Indian Goddess - Martin Malchev
Kali Indian Goddess

Mascot illustration of Indian Hindi goddess Kali.

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Futuristic Soldier Mascot - Martin Malchev
Futuristic Soldier Mascot

Mascot illustration of futuristic soldier in high-tech exoskeleton armor suit holding big laser gun.

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God of War - Martin Malchev
God of War

Black and white illustration of the legendary Chinese general Guan Yu.

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Archangel Michael Flying Silhouette - Martin Malchev
Archangel Michael Flying Silhouette

Silhouette illustration of Archangel Michael flying with sword in his hand.

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Vampire Count Mascot - Martin Malchev
Vampire Count Mascot

Mascot illustration of creepy vampire count on white background and in 2 versions.

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Sultan King Mascot - Martin Malchev
Sultan King Mascot

Mascot illustration with mighty sultan on white background.

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Shaman Tribal Mascot - Martin Malchev
Shaman Tribal Mascot

Mascot illustration of a tribal shaman in 2 versions.

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