Frog Prince - Martin Malchev
Frog Prince

Frog Prince in two versions: One with gradients and one without.

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Fantasy Floral Borders - Martin Malchev
Fantasy Floral Borders

Fantasy floral ornaments with dragons, flames and a devil.

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Excalibur - Martin Malchev

Illustration of King Arthurs Excalibur linocut style. 4 color versions.

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Cartoon Castles - Martin Malchev
Cartoon Castles

Set of cartoon castles. Silhouette versions are also included.

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Dungeon - Martin Malchev

Door in an ancient or medieval dungeon.

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Dragons - Martin Malchev

Set of dragons. Stylized flames are also included in case you want to make them breathe fire.

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Devil - Martin Malchev

Cartoon Devil. No transparency used. Basic (linear) gradients used.

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Dark Castle - Martin Malchev
Dark Castle

Cartoon castle on steep hill at night. No transparency used. Basic (linear) gradients.

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Cupid - Martin Malchev

Cupid isolated on white background.

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Columbus Ships - Martin Malchev
Columbus Ships

The ships of Christopher Columbus on their way to America. Remove the crosses to get three ordinary sail ships.

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Tooth Fairy on White - Martin Malchev
Tooth Fairy on White

Illustration of the happy tooth fairy, flying on white background.

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Prince and Princess - Martin Malchev
Prince and Princess

Illustration of happy little prince and princess on fantasy background.

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