Hera - Martin Malchev

Hera, Queen of the Greek gods, among her favorite birds.

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Hades on White - Martin Malchev
Hades on White

Hades, lord of the Underworld, on white background. No transparency and gradients used.

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Hades - Martin Malchev

Hades welcomes you to the Underworld. No transparency used. Basic (linear) gradients.

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Greek Philosopher - Martin Malchev
Greek Philosopher

Cartoon Greek philosopher in 4 different poses.

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Greek Temple - Martin Malchev
Greek Temple

Cartoon Greek frame with copy space in it, to be used as frame.

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Greek Ship - Martin Malchev
Greek Ship

Stylized illustration of ancient Greek ship in 4 different versions.

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Greek Hero - Martin Malchev
Greek Hero

Greek hero isolated on white. On the right are 3 additional versions of him.

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Echidna - Martin Malchev

Echidna, mother of all monsters, leaning against a rock in her cave. No transparency used. Basic (linear) gradients.

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Dionysus - Martin Malchev

The god of wine Dionysus / Bacchus proposing toast. No transparency used. Basic (linear) gradients.

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Demeter on White - Martin Malchev
Demeter on White

Greek goddess Demeter over white background.

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Demeter - Martin Malchev

Greek goddess Demeter bringing spring in the forest.

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