TV News - Martin Malchev
TV News

Cartoon illustration of retro television set broadcasting the news.

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Truck Driver - Martin Malchev
Truck Driver

Cartoon character driving 3 types of trucks. Each truck is in 3 color versions.

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Trojan Horse - Martin Malchev
Trojan Horse

Cartoon Trojan horse with Greek soldiers in it in 2 versions.

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Thinking - Martin Malchev

Man thinking about many things.

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Target - Martin Malchev

Pack of conceptual illustrations for being a target.

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Talking on Phone - Martin Malchev
Talking on Phone

Businessman talking on his smart phone. He is in 12 different versions.

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Support - Martin Malchev

Technical support guy in 3 different versions.

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Superhero Set - Martin Malchev
Superhero Set

Businessman who is actually superhero in disguise. 9 different poses. On the right is the same character adapted for white background.

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Superhero Couple Cartoon - Martin Malchev
Superhero Couple Cartoon

Cartoon male and female superheroes. No transparency and gradients used.

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Super Businessman - Martin Malchev
Super Businessman

Conceptual illustration of businessman with superhero shadow. The illustration is in 3 versions.

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Summer Vacation Girl - Martin Malchev
Summer Vacation Girl

2 illustrations depicting cartoon girl on vacation.

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Summer Vacation - Martin Malchev
Summer Vacation

2 illustrations depicting cartoon character on vacation.

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