Working on Computer - Martin Malchev
Working on Computer

Cartoon character working on desktop computer. You can change his face expression, picking from the 5 additional faces below. The position of his nose is constant. Use it as guide for the next face.

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Winners - Martin Malchev

Conceptual illustration for winning.

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Watcher - Martin Malchev

Cartoon character watching with binoculars. The illustration is in 2 color versions.

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Wake Up - Martin Malchev
Wake Up

Short story about man having difficulty to wake up in the morning. No transparency and gradients used.

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Vote - Martin Malchev

Man voting at ballot box.

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Volunteer - Martin Malchev

Conceptual illustration for volunteering.

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Unity Backgrounds - Martin Malchev
Unity Backgrounds

Cartoon people in national costumes from around the world holding hands as symbol of unity. Illustration is in 2 versions.

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Unity - Martin Malchev

People from around the world holding hands as a symbol of unity.

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Under Construction - Martin Malchev
Under Construction

Under Construction background. No transparency and gradients used.

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TV News - Martin Malchev
TV News

Cartoon illustration of retro television set broadcasting the news.

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Truck Driver - Martin Malchev
Truck Driver

Cartoon character driving 3 types of trucks. Each truck is in 3 color versions.

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Trojan Horse - Martin Malchev
Trojan Horse

Cartoon Trojan horse with Greek soldiers in it in 2 versions.

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