Ruins - Martin Malchev

Ruins of antique city. 3 color versions.

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Robot - Martin Malchev

Giant robot in flames.

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Ribbons - Martin Malchev

Collection of 20 simple ribbons. You can flip them horizontally and rotate them to get many more variations. You can also remove elements from each ribbon, to get new variations.

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Rebellion - Martin Malchev

Abstract picture of rebellion. Below is the same picture in 2 different color versions.

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Red Riding Hood - Martin Malchev
Red Riding Hood

The big bad wolf is after the Little Red Riding Hood.

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Ray Lights Pack - Martin Malchev
Ray Lights Pack

Collection of 20 ray lights patterns. Use them to create your own background with rays.

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Pirate Backgrounds - Martin Malchev
Pirate Backgrounds

Two cartoon backgrounds with pirate ships. Each is in A4 proportions but you can extend the black area downwards.

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Pirate Pattern - Martin Malchev
Pirate Pattern

Seamless pirate pattern with Jolly Roger in different variations.

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Bald Eagle Background - Martin Malchev
Bald Eagle Background

Illustration of North American Bald Eagle and abstract background reminding of the flag of the United States of America.

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Magic Smoke - Martin Malchev
Magic Smoke

Magic smoke coming out of the genies lamp. You can remove layers of the smoke to free copy space, just like in the small variations on the right. Colors are easy to edit.

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Low Poly Buddha - Martin Malchev
Low Poly Buddha

Abstract illustration of Buddha in 2 versions. No transparency and gradients used.

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Iceberg - Martin Malchev

Cartoon iceberg in 2 versions.

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