Bandana Seamless Pattern - Martin Malchev
Bandana Seamless Pattern

Seamless bandana pattern in 4 color versions.

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Bandana White - Martin Malchev
Bandana White

White bandana with black ornaments.

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Colorful Bandana - Martin Malchev
Colorful Bandana

3 colors bandana. You can easily change the background color in the vector file.

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African Pattern - Martin Malchev
African Pattern

Hand drawn colorful African pattern. NOT seamless.

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African Pattern 2 - Martin Malchev
African Pattern 2

Hand drawn African pattern. NOT seamless.

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Wood Background - Martin Malchev
Wood Background

Cartoon wooden background in A4 proportions.

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Wing Seamless Pattern - Martin Malchev
Wing Seamless Pattern

Seamless hand drawn feathers pattern. No transparency and gradients used.

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Vintage Radial Background - Martin Malchev
Vintage Radial Background

Retro radial background in 3 color versions.

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Star of Bethlehem - Martin Malchev
Star of Bethlehem

The three Magi follow the Star of Bethlehem.

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Snowman Seamless Patterns - Martin Malchev
Snowman Seamless Patterns

Holiday season seamless background in 4 color versions. They can be used separately or as 1 bigger and more colorful pattern. A4 proportions.

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Sky Patterns - Martin Malchev
Sky Patterns

Four seamless sky patterns.

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Sailboat Background - Martin Malchev
Sailboat Background

Background with sea waves and sail ship. You can remove the crosses or replace them with a logo. A4 proportions. The picture is also seamless pattern and you can multiply it horizontally.

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