Transportation - Martin Malchev

Planet Earth is a busy place. Everybody is transporting something.

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Submarine - Martin Malchev

Cartoon submarine in 2 versions over white background.

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Snowman - Martin Malchev

Snowman drawn in 2 different styles.

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Seasons - Martin Malchev

Tree shown during the four seasons.

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School Bus - Martin Malchev
School Bus

Cartoon school bus in 2 versions.

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School Backpack - Martin Malchev
School Backpack

School backpack in 4 different versions.

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Pot and Rainbow - Martin Malchev
Pot and Rainbow

Pot of gold and rainbow in 3 different versions.

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Pirate Ship on White - Martin Malchev
Pirate Ship on White

Pirate ship isolated on white. Remove the patches from the sails and the Jolly Roger, and you get an ordinary sail ship.

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Pirate Icons - Martin Malchev
Pirate Icons

Collection of 20 cartoon pirate accessories.

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Camping - Martin Malchev

Set of camping objects in 2 versions.

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Painting Accessories - Martin Malchev
Painting Accessories

Cartoon illustration of canvas, easel, paintbrush and palette isolated on white background. There is a version of the canvas in green color, so you can easily replace it with your own image. No transparency used. Basic (linear) gradients.

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Iron Throne Illustration - Martin Malchev
Iron Throne Illustration

Full length front view of an imposing empty iron throne isolated on white background for copy space as concept for power and supremacy

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