Magic Smoke - Martin Malchev
Magic Smoke

Magic smoke coming out of the genies lamp. You can remove layers of the smoke to free copy space, just like in the small variations on the right. Colors are easy to edit.

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Magic Lamp - Martin Malchev
Magic Lamp

Magic lamp.

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Kay and Gerda - Martin Malchev
Kay and Gerda

Kay and Gerda from the Snow Qween fairy tale holding hands in their little garden at the rooftop.

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Jolly Roger - Martin Malchev
Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger in 24 different versions.

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Haunted Castle - Martin Malchev
Haunted Castle

Haunted cartoon castle on steep hill with copy space. No transparency used. Basic (linear) gradients.

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Happy King On White - Martin Malchev
Happy King On White

Happy king resting in his throne.

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Halloween Avatars - Martin Malchev
Halloween Avatars

Set of 12 Halloween square avatars.

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Graffiti Monsters - Martin Malchev
Graffiti Monsters

Set of 4 graffiti monster sticker designs. No transparency and gradients used.

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Gladiator - Martin Malchev

Illustration of Roman gladiator in full battle gear.

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Cartoon Castles - Martin Malchev
Cartoon Castles

Set of cartoon castles. Silhouette versions are also included.

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Dragons - Martin Malchev

Set of dragons. Stylized flames are also included in case you want to make them breathe fire.

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Devil - Martin Malchev

Cartoon Devil. No transparency used. Basic (linear) gradients used.

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